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Monday, December 15, 2014



to me it seemed everyone was in a hurry.
you included.

you spoke of walking down an aisle.
while i dreamed of running naked in a field.

to me it seemed everyone was in a hurry.
you included.

i wanted to make love to the night.
but you were always too tired to be young.

to me it seemed everyone was in a hurry.
you included.

i ain't getting any younger you'd say.
love ain't got an age i'd say.

to me it seemed everyone was in a hurry.
you included.

at some point one must grow up.
unless growing up ain't the point.

you hated my riddles.
which in my translation meant.
you hated my mind.
because it was different than those.
or those were the same as yours.
i just wanted to embrace being happy.
instead of super-sizing happiness.
with traditions that never derived from my being.
but that were forever painting our journey.

to me it seemed everyone was in a hurry.
you included.
but maybe i was at fault.
for wanting to rush standing still.


it will take a month for me to have an opinion about this album.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Monday, December 8, 2014


If I'm unjustly stopped by police I now feel my life is in danger. Period. I don't have to had committed a crime or be armed with a weapon. I'm armed with my skin color. This may feel unfathomable to people that are not black but this is real life. Before Mike Brown or Trayvon Martin, there were thousands of stories never reported with the same ridiculous outcomes.
But now what should I do? Should I protect myself by any means necessary or should I trust a figure that has proven not to be trusted?

Mo'ne Davis

young queen.


Currently burning through the pages of 'A Taste of Power: A Black Woman's Story,' by Elaine Brown. Simply put, Elaine Brown, at one point was the leader of the Black Panthers....but this autobiography is so much's an epic look at a woman's journey in America. Breathtaking at times...this should be read by every American growing up in the school system. Brilliant.

J. Cole x Intro

A hip-hop album with no 2014. I can dig it.

Saturday, November 29, 2014


There is a scene in the new Hunger Games movie that made me think about what's going on in America...and how little things have changed racially. 
In the scene, Katniss and Gale are hunting deer. She lifts her bow and arrow to shoot one but the deer sees her. But instead of running, the deer just turns its head and continues to eat.
Katniss says: It's not even scared.
Gale responds: It's never been hunted before.

I imagine this is how it feels to not be a black male in America when you see a policeman. To never be 'hunted.' And when one has never been hunted, they forget the history of those who have been.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


I read because I feel the intake of knowledge from a book is the most challenging. Processing what you are reading, themes, facts, etc. So when a film challenges my mind like a book, i'm blown away. Interstellar did that for me...not saying that the science in the film is 100% accurate...that's not the point. The point is, it makes you think outside of what you define as space.

Monday, November 17, 2014



how lucky we all are.
able to rise again and again.
to have bad moments.
and to be able to avenge those times.
with arches of drafted splendor.

how lucky we all are.
to fall so madly in love.
and to be crushed with a single rejection.
only to find life invigorated.
in the smile of a stranger that becomes your earth.

how lucky we all are.
to be able to dream while awake.
to fail at your passion.
and be inspired to try until you exhaust the possibilities.

because a leaf has one shot to bloom.
to gigantically gleam green.
sheltering the ungrateful lucky from the sun's vigor.
and when the seasons change.
a leaf falls once.
never able again to rise and beam twice.

how lucky we all are.
to be square.

2014 Forest Hill Drive

love the artwork for this album.

Kendric Lamar x SNL

epic performance.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014